Conversating Sun

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Thoughts

Her words clung to me like that Sunday hangover
after a night of tequila and second hand cigarettes.

“I swear I don’t usually do this, I’m only casual smoker.”

She utters,
her body mutters
under mine
as I trace the line
of her skin with my tongue.

She is blushing,
but we not rushing.

We stop time
to greet the sunrise
locked thighs
and vanilla pod ice cream.
She screams silently,
a sound that resonates from her solar plexus and then
lunges up her lungs,
where oxygen is in short demand due to her heavy breathing.
It tip toes towards her throat.
It’s lost steam now,
it’s merely a flicker
as it spills out her lips
in the form of a groan
when I lick her.

She feels content in this
safe zone
where nothing is
The taste of her flesh ignites a flame of my own.

She is delicious.


It’s love at first sight…
The kind you experience six times in one night.


Posted: March 25, 2014 in Thoughts

Pull the trigger
dont linger
in this air of confusion and uncertainty.
Certainly she is into you,
isnt she?

Does she realise she is twirling her hair?

I stare at her lips and wander what they would taste like next to mine.

I find myself gazing for a little to long, and just like that…
The moment is gone.

perplexed by how feelings can change.
I may have game
but this woman
holds all the high scores.

This causes an effect
inside my chest,
a beating.
Not one where winning is concerned,
not one where we see who is best
or extra lives are earned.
I understand how the ‘game’ works but my heart doesnt feel like playing anymore.
Its bored
of the society norms.

It wants to whisper
“I love you”
mere moments after meeting,
and embrace you
seconds than what you used to.
A gentle hug
that sends a clear message.
One that speaks volumes in this otherwise quiet interaction.
If only for a fraction of time,
a single breath,
you could climb out of your head.

Im not asking you to trust me but rather to trust in yourself.
Imagine what it would feel like if I was to slowly kiss your neck,
towards your earlobe,

Drop all your defenses for a one breath,
Feel my caress,
undress your doubts.

Allow your past to
fade to black
as I slide my fingertips
down your back,
then reverse the motion
to bring them

That shiver you feel is real!

As authentic as the knots in your hair,
as unique as the freckles on your skin.

So forget what they tell you.

I’m still going to respect you in the morning,
I will call you back!

I may not understand the chemiclas involved in love,
or desire
but I know one thing to be true.

I need to kiss you.

Dream Language

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Thoughts

In a realm where words have no definition.

Silence is spoken,
paths are broken
by the ability to fly above meaning.

Recognition is not a daily urge!

Beyond the verge
of persuaying your eye lids
to stay open
of the day,
that we prayed
wasnt reality
but sadly…
It was.

There is hope that springs eternal,
a kalidescope
of lucid drops and liquid love.


Posted: February 28, 2014 in Thoughts

I screamed
in between
the lean lines of
melted memories
and caramel cravings.
That sweet taste of
You see,
I have never been a
vanilla man.
It’s flaky,
it’s bland.
It likes missionary,
I’m all for equality
so I want you to melt
while I stand.
Feel those flavoured hands
all over my skin.
I have always enjoyed biting the bottom of the cone first and
licking the ice cream from within.

Ice cream is the topic and maybe
I have swayed off a bit
but I have to admit
that caramel dip
has always been my favourite. 

Outstretched Truth

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Thoughts

I want to hold you, I may not understand why sometimes but I promise my hands are kinder than your mirror.
Sweeter than that distorted laughing image you see standing in front of you.
The reflection of your imperfections make you question whether or not luck has ever been on your side, as you assess the canvass of your skin you see to many losses, regrets left in the form of blemishes. Tiny scratches from childhood games morphed into hideous scars. Bruises from bad luck after bad luck, stretch marks outlined like trees blowing in the wind, giant oaks that have given birth to precious things.
Creation etched on your flesh, an eternal reminder of a mothers pride,
that if only for a second of your life, luck was on your side.
So smash the mirror because it always has been.
Start believing when people tell you “you are beautiful” even if they don’t mean it, even if it its only used to snatch something from you, to smear that already misconstrued image you see when you brush your teeth in the morning.
So with that … You are beautiful!
More precious than the hazel stained glass windows of your eyes, stop focusing on the stains and relish in the art, stop being more fragile than the mirror you are staring into.
I will tell you again.
You are beautiful.
I know you don’t believe me, how could you, you have never believed in yourself.

Cognitive Disonance

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Thoughts

Tiny spaces filled with ignorant phrases.

Boys talking about being men but still so afraid to leave their mother’s womb
cut the cord that binds them,
be released from their arrogant prison free men.
Stubble but still so scared to shave,
hold onto that dirt on their face.
Past mistakes stained in their skin,
a knock on the chin that bruises them internally.
Forget the mistakes,
embrace the heart ache.
Grow with each beat,
each drunken stumble down the one way street
filled with endless memories they seem to forget so easily.


Posted: January 20, 2014 in Thoughts

Come with me.

Let’s hold hands and swing in circles till the world around us gets dizzy, until time feels more like an old friend than a nagging wife.
Let’s laugh until our stomachs ache at jokes no one else finds funny.
Let’s cuddle till the heat between us is too much to bear and I have to toss the covers to one side, which is perfect because you will end up stealing them anyway!
Their yours,
I give them to you willingly as you have given so much to me.